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Skylift Engineering Group has been a pioneer in designing and developing material handling equipment for construction and industrial sectors. Boasts of a team of 30 experienced and expert members. This team is dedicated for designing, engineering, production, logistics and product development activities. It is well equipped with highly configured workstations along with latest and advanced design software like Solid works and AutoCad. The design engineers study the structural, static &dynamic load requirement, load deflection characteristics & working conditions of the finished application.


Skylift Engineering Group design team designs entire structure on the basis of FE Analysis by considering various loading conditions to ensure the life, reliability and safety thereby confirming the structural stability of the product.

All the products are deigned as per international standards – CE. The products are designed as per European EN standards and thus are CE certified.

CE certification consists of safety assessment tests, load test to ensure structural strength. CE testing ensures performance, safety & environmental protection.


The design team functions on 3 primary roles, New Product Development, Customized Design Solutions & Pre Order support. This helps continuous quality improvement, reduce customer complaints and prevention of recurrence while the whole designing process is covered in the Design Life Cycle.

Part of our efforts in ensuring excellence is through meticulous design and testing through the utilization of advanced technology right before manufacturing our products. Our key workers including our welders are internationally-certified and trained to produce premium quality construction equipment and machinery.

Skylift Engineering Group Quality team ensures pre-production and post production quality as per international and safety.

The Quality goes through a roadmap which goes from Received order, drawings/ specifications, Document for Skylift range of products, List Down critical, list down opportunities for defects, List down important features &characteristics, Process quality assurance plan, check list, verification formats, Qualification complete, feedback &learnings, continual Improvement approach.

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